Print Release


War, Conflict & Resolution is now available to buy in print and eBook formats.

All profits raised will be donated to The Royal British Legion.

Click here to view the print version.
Click here to view the eBook/Kindle version.


Print Provisional Release Date – August 19th

We are expecting the print version of War, Conflict & Resolution to be made available on Tuesday August 19th.

All writers will once again be emailed on Monday 18th with pre-release details, and we will be writing a release update on this blog on the 19th.

eBook Release


We are pleased to announce that War, Conflict & Resolution is now available to buy and download on Kindle.

Click here to go to the page on Amazon.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in the making of this collection to help raise money for The Royal British Legion. Through the work of all the writers who submitted we are able to help commemorate the centenary of WWI.

A special thanks to all the authors who are featured in the collection, who include Tim Stevenson, Iian Laws, Alice Dempsey, Elyshia Brooks, Charlotte Barnes, Lauren Hare, Ken Elkes, Jenny Millns, Ben Osborn, Grant Rushworth, Keshena Capell, Ellis Peters, Dani Steen, Hannah Radcliffe, Stella Turner and Fiona Callingham.

In regards to the print version of the book, we will be posting an update within 24 hours on this blog and on our Twitter.

Publication delay – August 15th

We regret to announce that despite our constant working and preparation for the release of the collection, we will be forced to delay the publication. The new release date will be August 15th. This will allow us to make sure all the fine details are ready in time for the release and give the many authors who contributed to it the high standard book that they deserve.

We apologise for this delay and will be continuing working around the clock to be ready for the new date.

Publication update

We are pleased to announce that War, Conflict & Resolution will be available to buy in paperback and download on August 1st on Amazon.

We can also reveal the design for the cover (below) which may change, as we are currently attempting to gain permission to use The Royal British Legion’s logo on the cover.

Cover Design

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below or via our Twitter (@WarConRes) and we will try our best to answer these in our next update which will be posted here on July 12th.


Here’s an update…

Over the course of the past month we have been reading through all the submissions sent to us and deciding which ones will make the final collection. We’ve had some great stories sent in and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the wide range of quality submissions. All authors have now been contacted and informed if their entries were successful or not, and we will be contacting successful entrants in the near future with more updates on the publication process of the collection. Any unsuccessful authors also have the option to request for feedback on their entries. More updates to come soon on the cover design and publication days.

We would like to thank each author who chose to submit their work to the collection.

Many Thanks,

Ryan Thacker & Alex Gallagher


Submissions closed

The deadline for submissions has now being reached so we are no longer accepting submissions.

We would both like to thank everyone who has submitted their stories for consideration, all of which have been a pleasure to read.

We will notify all entrants if their submissions were successful or not before the 30th of April.

Recent submissions

We would like to take a moment to thank the writers that have submitted already, and to remind anyone wishing to submit that the deadline of the 30th of March is closing in.

Below are two small quotes from the stories submitted so far.

A man had come to the door, apologised and noted her son’s bravery in the face of conflict.

No more promises.

No more letters.”

Alice Dempsey

“So we dug a trench in the cold mud with a stick, pushed the conkers in with our fingers and threw dirt over them when we were done.

Granddad buried the bent penny with them.

“So when it’s spring they’ll remember you,” he said.”

From ‘Mudflowers’ by Tim Stevenson – Previously published as
Pushing Upwards’ in ‘The Book Of Small Changes

“I have to remind myself of the apple blossom tree at home to remind me that there are scents that hold beauty and innocence in the world when to me right now the world is just death and decay.”

Lauren Hare

More details on getting submitted!

After receiving great feedback from you all, here’s the latest updates on submission requirements:

A few of you have been emailing us about published work. If you are thinking about submitting previously published stories, don’t panic, you’re in luck! We are accepting previously published stories! Just make sure that in your email submission you state where it has been published in the past.

Also, people have asked us recently if we take both non-fiction and fiction pieces. The answer (unfortunately for you non-fiction lovers) is that we are only accepting fiction. 

We have also been asked about the format we will be publishing the work. We are currently planning on developing the successful submissions into an eBook, as well as making the collection available in print. At this moment in time we are planning on self-publishing the anthology but these plans may change due to current ongoing discussions. All authors that make the final draft will be given a free download of the eBook. 

Finally, any profits made from this project will be donated to The Royal British Legion.

About ‘WCR’

What does ‘WCR‘ stand for?

WCR is the title of an upcoming collection of flash fiction written by you and edited by Edge Hill University Creative Writing students Ryan Thacker and Alex Gallagher. War, Conflict & Resolution is our attempt to raise awareness of this historical anniversary in order to commemorate the fallen of WWI.

So, what are the criteria?

Simple, all you have to do is follow these simple rules:

  • 150 to 500 words per story
  • Stick to the themes of either war, conflict or resolution (but remember, be creative!)
  • Submit your stories before March 30th 2014

How do I make a submission?

To submit a story all you have to do is email with the theme category as the subject. Remember, put your name and contact info on the bottom of your stories and we’ll take a look!